Dental Exams and X-Rays

Scheduling regular dental examinations and X-Rays are vital for maintaining a healthy smile. By participating in regular recommended six-month checkups as outlined by The Academy of General Dentistry, an individual can reduce the risk of dental emergencies. An unscheduled visit to Port Lavaca Dentistry due to a dental emergency can negatively affect a person's health and financial budget.

What to Expect:


Depending on the last dental visit, Dr. Ahmed may require a significant amount of time to view all aspects of a patient's current oral health. A first time visitor will be given a comprehensive dental evaluation. Starting with a complete medical history, Dr. Ahmed will evaluate any medical issues or illnesses that may impact a patient's oral health.

How It's Done:


With either the first time visitor or a regular patient, Dr. Ahmed begins with an oral examination. The first stage of the process requires minimal equipment including mouth mirrors to achieve a clearer picture from all angles, dental tools, and high-intensity lights. He will examine, evaluate and screen for different oral problems.
1. Checking for any types of cracks, holes or the formation of decay is generally the first part of the process. By carefully reviewing each tooth's structural format, the doctor will be able to discover any irregularities that need to be addressed.
2. Screening for oral cancer is part of the examination. The screening process requires the doctor to check a person's face, lips, inner mouth, throat area, tissues, and gums.
3. Evaluating gums for any signs of disease will be part of the dental exam. Dr. Ahmed carefully checks the gums and the bone area around each tooth for any signs of periodontal disease.
4. Checking pre-existing dental work is another step in the oral exam process. Dr. Ahmed will check each previous dental restoration, including fillings, crowns, and other dental work. The process ensures the dental work is still in proper working order.
Along with the oral exam, the doctor will follow the process with diagnostic X-Rays. The use of X-Rays helps in revealing any underlying problems that may occur below the gum line. Generally, two types of X-Rays are part of the dental examination. Depending on the time frame from a patient's last visit, the Bitewing X-Ray is given every 12 months. Every 3-5 years, patients are given a full panographic X-Ray which requires the machine to revolve around the entire head. Each is vital for keeping good dental health.

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