Dental Veneers

With the use of wafer-thin shells, dental veneers act as a custom made cover for the front area of a tooth. The process allows for an existing damaged tooth to change in appearance. Worn, broken, chipped or discolored teeth can benefit from the use of dental veneers to restore a healthy appearance of the tooth.
Depending on our recommendation, dental veneers can be porcelain or made from composite resin. Each type has unique benefits for the patient. Creating a natural appearance, porcelain veneers tend to be more durable.
The composite resin veneers allow for a direct application. Bonding with the existing tooth, the composite resin option may be a less costly alternative. The downside with this method is the shorter lifespan of the application.

What to Expect


Generally, the application of dental veneers requires more than one visit. The first visit concentrates on the preparation of teeth. Trimming and contouring may be part of the process. Next is the making of the impressions to allow for a proper fitting shell at the laboratory. Prior to leaving the first visit, Dr. Ahmed prepares a temporary veneer to protect the area between visits.

After the dental veneer returns from the laboratory, the patient returns for the permanent application. Removing the temporary veneer, Dr. Ahmed works to ensure a proper fit of the porcelain veneer. After proper placement, the porcelain veneer is bonded to the tooth resulting in a healthier appearance.

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