Dental Bonding

The dental bonding process is a procedure to restore the appearance of broken, jagged, chipped or discolored teeth. The process requires the bonding of a tooth-colored resin substance to the existing tooth. The process is a highly effective, less costly choice to veneers or crowns. Performing the process in one visit, the dental bonding technique allows for instant cosmetic restoration.

What to Expect


The completion of the dental bonding process requires a time frame of 30-60 minutes. Dr. Ahmed begins by mixing the resin substance to match a patient's existing teeth. The preparation process is next with the roughing of the tooth to aid in the dental bonding. The doctor carefully shapes the resin substance to correct the dental irregularities. Curing the dental bond with an ultraviolet light creates a hard lasting bond. With final shaping and polishing of the dental bonding application, Dr. Ahmed will finish by ensuring a proper fit.

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